Critics questioning motives of American Lung Association

A PJ Tattler blog post is questioning whether the American Lung Association has overstepped its role as an advocate for clean air and the nation’s health. The post argues that the ALA is becoming (or has already become) a politically-based front group that is,

“uncritically supporting whatever the Obama EPA comes up with. And now it’s even going after EPA critics directly.”

They base their claims in the fact that ALA representatives took the stage with EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson to help release the administration’s creatively named “Air Toxics Rule” on March 16th. They also note that the ALA has begun a public advertising campaign against Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI). The campaign “slams” Rep. Upton because of his work to bring the EPA back under the purview of the Congress.


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25. March 2011 by Jason Hayes
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