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Power Magazine takes a hard look at the 2008 generation scene

In an often biting and blunt review of what to expect in the generation market, Power Magazine has clearly elaborated on some of the key challenges the energy industry will face over the next year. The opening paragraphs are perhaps the most blunt.

Predicting the U.S. power industry’s 2008 performance requires understanding how utilities and other plant developers respond to risk and uncertainty. Three years ago, mercury controls had the undivided attention of every coal plant operator. Today, the imminent arrival of carbon controls has caused a tectonic shift in the industry. In years past, builders of new power plants focused on getting grandfathered out of new regulations. Today, developers are canceling plants before the climate change debate in Congress has ended, already assuming the results will be bad for them.

Even the mere anticipation of carbon controls, and the sea change they will bring to the U.S. economy, has created strange bedfellows and stranger enemies. Environmental groups are now embracing nuclear power because they perceive it to be the lesser of two evils—after coal. Proposed carbon cap-and-trade regulations have executives of nuclear and wind power utilities vilifying their counterparts at coal-based utilities, who are asking for “need” allowances to ease the transition.

Thirty years ago, America’s major utilities faced common challenges arm-in-arm. That time has passed.

The article goes on to detail the prospects of the main forms of energy; sadly, none of their findings are good. Continue reading

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EIA Coal News and Markets

From the EIA website:

The following average spot coal prices appear in the graphic below, for the previous and most recent weeks:
Week Ended Central
12,500 Btu,
1.2 SO2
13,000 Btu,
<3.0 SO2
Illinois Basin
11,800 Btu,
5.0 SO2
River Basin
8,800 Btu,
0.8 SO2
Uinta Basin
11,700 Btu,
0.8 SO2
07-Dec-07 $57.70 $55.25 $33.50 $11.50 $24.00
14-Dec-07 $57.70 $55.25 $33.50 $11.50 $24.00
21-Dec-07 $57.70 $55.25 $33.50 $11.50 $24.00
04-Jan-08 $58.30 $61.75 $34.00 $11.60 $24.00
11-Jan-08 $58.30 $61.75 $34.00 $11.65 $24.00
18-Jan-08 $58.30 $61.75 $34.00 $11.85 $33.00

Continue reading

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