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Coal offers cautious optimism for Trump at first post-election conference

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SNL, Christopher Coats, 12/8/2016

At one of the first industrywide gatherings since Election Day, the coal sector offered cautious optimism about the Trump administration’s impact on the industry after years of challenges.

Gathered in New York for the 15th Annual Coal Trading Conference on Dec. 5 and 6, industry representatives offered their takes on election results that, admittedly, few saw coming.

Throughout this year’s presidential campaign, Donald Trump pledged support for the coal industry, promising on several occasions to push back on Obama administration regulations often cited as detrimental to the industry and to “put miners back to work.”

10. December 2016 by Terry Headley
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Stream Buffer Zone Rule another attack on coal

In a September 26 field hearing, the House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources heard testimony that detailed how the Office of Surface Mining, Enforcement and Regulation’s (OSM) drastic rewrite of the Steam Buffer Zone Rule amounts to one more Washington-based attack on the coal industry. The changes to the rule will cost thousands of jobs and increase energy prices throughout the Appalachian region.

By the Obama Administration’s own estimates, the rewritten rule could cost up to 7,000 coal-mining jobs, or 10% of the jobs in the industry.

26. September 2011 by Jason Hayes
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