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Bechtel opens world’s first coal-seam-gas to LNG plant

On December 28th, Bechtel began loading LNG sourced from coal seams at their Queensland Curtis LNG facility.

The QCLNG project connects more than 2,000 onshore wells, which flow into a 335 mile pipeline that moves the gas to the liquefaction facility on Curtis Island. The gas is then chilled to -259.6 degrees Fahrenheit to become a liquid, which makes it 600 times smaller enabling it to be stored and transported in LNG vessels to markets around the world.

Click here to read the full article on this development.


02. January 2015 by Jason Hayes
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Greenpeace gassing up

Interesting photo from the Kiwiblog – The Rainbow Warrior being refueled by a BP fuel truck.

Rainbow warrior gets fueled up by BP

This is the same Rainbow Warrior that is owned and operated by Greenpeace, the multinational company that so vociferously campaigns against fossil fuels.

I’m wondering why it’s OK for Greenpeace to rely on fossil fuels and “big oil” to power their anti-fossil fuel campaigns, but the rest of us are just supposed to “go beyond oil.”

Any thoughts?


07. March 2013 by Jason Hayes
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US coal exports booming


06. March 2013 by Jason Hayes
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2012 Coal Market Strategies wrap up

The 2012 Coal Market Strategies Conference held August 20-22 at the Meritage Resort and Spa in sunny and beautiful Napa, CA was a well-received and well-deserved success.

Thanks must first go out to our conference program development committee for the hard work and the excellent selection of conference speakers and diverse range of topics covered. Thank you to:

  • Judy Tanselle, New World Coal Management
  • April Anderson, Black & Veatch
  • Jesse McCabe, BNSF Railway
  • Staci Pierce, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz PC
  • Janet Gellici, American Coal Council

31. August 2012 by Jason Hayes
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Coal exports setting new records

We’ve heard it said in American Coal Council conferences, and I told it to an AP reporter this morning, even if some of the people in this country are naive enough to think we can stop using abundant, affordable, and increasingly clean American coal, the rest of the world is striving to get ahold of it.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported some of the rapidly growing export numbers this week,

U.S. exports of coal and fuels such as gasoline and diesel continue to soar. Both categories are on track to set new annual records, according to government data.

16. August 2012 by Jason Hayes
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Coal Leadership Advancement Seminar Series

The first Coal Leadership Advancement Seminar Series (CLASS) program was a success!! Thank you to everyone who joined us on June 26-28 at the The Magnolia Hotel in Downtown Denver Colorado.

CLASS attendees enjoyed a diverse slate of presentations from industry experts who provided in depth instruction on the current state of our industry, as well as what we can expect in the future.

04. July 2012 by Jason Hayes
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MIT research: Chinese coal infrastructure is modern

A November 1 article in POWER Magazine relates the findings of recent MIT research which investigates the rapid development of coal-fueled generation throughout China.

Report authors argue that the pollution concerns in China cannot be reasonably linked to the design of the coal-fueled stations — which are apparently use advanced technologies. Pollution concerns can, however, be raised over how managers choose to operate the country’s new energy infrastructure. The report found that while advanced boiler designs and state-of-art pollution mitigation measures were included in new plant construction, operators quite often use coal that is not suited to the boiler and then idle scrubbers, and other emissions control equipment.

23. November 2008 by
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India Spice Energy to build 1,000 MW coal-fueled power plant


Indian utility, Spice Energy has inked a 20-year agreement with PT Tambang Batubara (an Indonesian coal mining company) to supply their proposed 1,000 MW coal-fueled generation plant with 6 million metric tonnes annually beginning in 2011.


10. July 2008 by
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BHP looks at merger with Rio Tinto

BHP eyes booming China in Rio Tinto bid, Sydney – November 13 2007: 10:36 AM EST

A merger between Anglo-Australian rivals BHP Billiton Ltd. and Rio Tinto Ltd. would help the miners satisfy China’s burgeoning demand for steel, a BHP Billiton executive said Tuesday.

Rio Tinto (Charts) last week rejected BHP Billiton’s (Charts) 3-for-1 share offer that Dealogic PLC calculated to be worth as much as $149 billion.


13. November 2007 by
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Chinese government restricts foreign access to mineral reserves

Beijing reserves its resources
The Australian – Business, Sydney – November 12, 2007

WHILE we keep happily digging up our metals and shipping them out, the Chinese are taking a slightly longer term view. The Ministry of Commerce and the National Development Reform Commission have reclassified China’s tungsten, molybdenum, tin, antimony and fluorite as being in the “prohibited category”.

What this means is that no foreign company can get involved in mining these metals. Add this to earlier moves to raise export taxes on metals and the message from Beijing is clear: you westerners can exhaust your deposits and in 50 years we’ll still have ours.

13. November 2007 by
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