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The Social Cost of Carbon – real-world impacts

A few months back, I received a copy of Dr. Roger Bezdek‘s presentation titled, “The Social Cost of Carbon: The Actual, Real-World Impact of Obama’s Stealth Energy Tax.” The numbers and facts that Dr. Bezdek presents, are an eye-opener and … Continue reading

26. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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2009 reports indicate massive drop in power generation

EIA is reporting that total generation in 2009 was down by over 4%, dropping to 2003 levels. Additionally, the reduction is noted as the largest decline in generation suffered in over sixty years. As expected, the primary reason for the … Continue reading

02. December 2010 by Jason Hayes
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New study demonstrates job potential of clean coal technologies

A new study just released by ACCCE demonstrates that the coal industry and clean coal technologies could provide many thousands of new jobs for American workers. This would be a huge boon to the economy as we rebuild our way … Continue reading

06. May 2010 by Jason Hayes
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Shifting scales make UK carbon emissions reductions claims suspect

Depending on which scale or measurement is being used, the UKs carbon dioxide emissions are much better or much worse than their Kyoto requirements.

Some sources (as well as opposition members in Parlaiment) are saying that the numbers the British Government are using to track its carbon dioxide emissions ignore entire sectors of the economy. They claim that when those sectors carbon dioxide emissions are added onto the UKs total emissions the optimistic reports of Brits having surpassed their Kyoto requirements are not quite accurate.

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21. March 2008 by
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2,000 Kentucky miners protest anti-mining bill

[img_assist|nid=854|title=Kentucky Miner’s Protest|desc=|link=url|url=|align=left|width=150|height=136]
[img_assist|nid=855|title=Kentucky Miner’s Protest|desc=|link=url|url=|align=right|width=150|height=135]
As many as 2,000 Kentucky miners rallied at the state capital yesterday to protest a bill aimed at stopping a mining technique known as "mountaintop removal." If passed, thousands of miners could be put out of work and the economic well-being of the area could be severely impacted.

This report provides a short description and video of the miner’s actions.

Kudos to the miners for standing up for their way of lives and for defending the mining industry’s proactive actions to reclaim mine sites as wel as its provision of thousands of jobs and economic stability to the area.

It’s always time to stand up behind the men and women who help keep the American coal mining industry running.

Good for you!!

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14. March 2008 by
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New report demonstrates strong media bias against climate change “skeptics”

A just released report by the Business & Media Institute, titled "Global
Warming Censored: Networks Stifle Debate, Rely on Politicians, Rock Stars and Men-on-the-Street for Science
", indicates clearly that major media outlets have unfairly weighted their climate change-related coverage in favor of the view that humans are the primary cause of climate change and that anthropogenic climate change will have profound and irreversible negative impacts on the Earth’s environment.

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07. March 2008 by
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Popular Mechanics features article on FutureGen plant


In a short December 18, 07 article, Popular Mechanics reviews the technology and promise of the FutureGen plant that is now set to be built in Matoon, IL.

The town of Mattoon beat out three other finalists as the site for the FutureGen coal gasification plan, which aims to convert coal into hydrogen and electricity while capturing and storing the carbon dioxide 3000 ft. underground. The U.S. Department of Energy hopes the $1.5 billion plant will generate 275 megawatts of electricity and power 150,000 homes, and be nearly free of greenhouse gas emissions.

There are also links to interesting articles on coal mining practices and coal gasification at the bottom of the article. They’re worth reading through as a good intro to either subject.

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29. January 2008 by
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