Protect My Water

The National Mining Association has paired with the Waters Advocacy Coalition to create

The site is designed to provide accurate and balanced information on the development of the Clean Waters Restoration Act, which could move the management of many water resources out of the hands of the state and into the hands of the federal government.

The Clean Water Act provides the federal government broad authority to regulate “navigable waters,” a term which the Supreme Court has already recognized as meaning waters beyond where navigation actually occurs. However, Congress is considering legislation to change the Clean Water Act called the Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA). The CWRA could undermine the federal-state partnership created by the Clean Water Act, giving the federal government authority over all waters of the United States.

As the information in this site goes on to show, CWRA could essentially remove over 40 years of effective water and environmental management. It could fundamentally alter the role of states in managing their own water resources and could place the federal government in control of all water resources in the United States. This legislation could also cause profound negative economic and social impacts.

Go to to learn more about this proposed legislation.

20. October 2009 by Jason Hayes
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