ACC Releases Coal Ash Economic Assessment

Proposed EPA regulations to limit the recycling and beneficial use of CCPs (coal combustion products) could have some frightening implications for our economy and environment.

CCP recycling and use currently provides $6.4 – $11.4 in annual economic benefits, significant environmental benefits, reduced energy consumption, water savings, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

All of those economic, social, and environmental benefits — and many more — stem from our growing use of coal combustion products (CCP’s). However, pending EPA regulations that could classify coal ash as a “hazardous waste” could have substantial negative impacts on this growing industry.

Factors affecting continued CCP use, supply and demand, technology developments, and regulatory factors are all addressed in this comprehensive report. Go to the ACC website for more information ~ ACC Coal Ash Report.

Click here to read the 1-20-10 Press Release

20. January 2010 by Jason Hayes
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