Citizens for Recycling First

Since the failure of the TVA coal ash impoundment last December, we’ve been inundated with media and environmental group reports about the hazards of coal ash. However, a brief look at the science shows that coal ash is not so hazardous after all. In fact, the EPA has repeatedly determined that regulation of coal ash and coal combustion products under the Resource and Recovery Act (RCRA) is “unwarranted”.

To help get the facts out to the public, a new citizens advocacy group — Citizens for Recycling First — has formed to “oppose regulatory proposals and environmentalist claims that threaten the continuing use of coal ash as a valuable, green construction material.

You can learn more about Citizens for Recycling First and coal ash recycling at We urge you to head over to their site and join them in their efforts to ensure we can continue to recycle coal ash and use it as an important green construction material.

11. February 2010 by Jason Hayes
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