EPA still pushing “hazardous” designation as an option

Citizens for Recycling First has a good explanation of how the EPA’s recent proposal on coal ash regulation still leaves the door wide open for a “hazardous” designation under Subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

So, it looks like we’re not done yet. The simple facts are that it’s not reasonable to designate something as “hazardous” and then expect that people will still want to use it in the construction of their offices, homes, schools, etc.

The science doesn’t support the hazardous designation; the push for a Subtitle C designation is based in politics and special interest pressure tactics. Worse, it will cause significant damage the economy, and the environment.

The “hazardous” designation under RCRA, Subtitle C is not an acceptable option. It has to go for the good of the economy and the environment.

07. May 2010 by Jason Hayes
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