Selenium Removal from Surface Mine and Coal Ash Run-off Waters Now Easy with New Metals Removal Technology

(Admin note: This brief article was submitted by invitation to discuss an innovative new technology that may be of use when addressing potential leachate from mining materials. We thought ACC & CAC member companies, and the readers of the Coalblog could find their suggestions interesting.)

By: Barbara and Alex Blake, Anceco Corp.

Break-through technology discovered to be very effective for removing selenium (Se) and other heavy metals from mine run-off or coals ash run-off was announced by Anceco Corp. This news is particularly timely since recently, the enforcement of regulations requiring the removal of selenium has been stepped up. The enforcement is due to the realization that selenium, an element, has been found to be particularly toxic to many species of fish. Selenium can be present, along with other heavy metals, in surface mine run-off and coal ash run-off. In the past, technology such a lime precipitation has been able to remove most heavy metals. But, precipitation of selenium has not successful. The Anceco technology (ABCEL™) simultaneously removes all metals in a one-step process and has been found by engineers to be reliable and cost competitive with conventional methods, i.e. traditional lime precipitation. In addition the new ABCEL™ technology requires no clarifiers or settling tanks. The Anceco technology produces a heavy metal precipitate that passes the EPA’s leachate (TCLP) test. The product is non-toxic and recently met the WET Test requirements. In most cases, the treated water can be reused.

The technology can be used as a stand-alone heavy metal treatment for the total run-off flow, or, it can be used as a finishing treatment installed in tandem with an existing lime precipitation operation. Anceco’s patented technology has been used for many years to clean up heavy metals in run-off and ground water associated with munitions, electronics, battery and other industrial plants where precipitation of metals from water was required to meet high water quality standards. The discovery of the technology’s particular effectiveness for precipitating selenium makes this process particularly valuable to surface mine, as well as coal ash, operations.
Anceco’s process uses a rapid reaction that is faster than lime. The company supplies a virtually turn-key reaction unit, on site services as well as the patented material to accomplish the selenium and other metals’ removal. For more information Anceco Corp can be found at or at 407-862-1842.

04. August 2010 by Jason Hayes
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