Coal fly ash: a “truly a ‘green’ building material”

Just happened across this article on AZOCleantech describing the 2008 reconstruction of the historic runway at Edwards Air Force base in 2008. The article describes how the new 15,000-foot runway was,

built with concrete made with fly ash sold from Four Corners (generation station).

The article goes on to describe fly ash as a “by-product of burning coal” and then states,

When used in concrete manufacturing, fly ash is truly a “green” building material because it replaces a portion of the portland cement, and the resulting emissions associated with its production. Fly ash has the consistency of fine powder. Due to the shape, size and chemical composition, it imparts a number of benefits to concrete such as reduced water demand, improved durability and increased strength. (emphasis added)

Sounds about right.

05. December 2010 by Jason Hayes
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