Pre-Combustion Technologies – Power Magazine Commentary

Jason Hayes’ article on Engineered Coal Fuels / Pre-Combustion Technologies has been published as the “Commentary” in the February edition of Power Magazine.

Arizona Public Service’s (APS) plan to close three older coal-fueled units at the Four Corners Power Plant in New Mexico and buy out Southern California Edison’s 48% share of the two remaining units is a creative means of surviving the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) committed action against coal-fueled generation.

Hamstrung by the EPA’s endless stream of regulatory revelations, utilities are searching for reliable and affordable means of producing power while escaping the imposition of billions in regulatory-related upgrade costs. In this case, APS was facing a $1 billion price tag to meet the EPA’s demands for, among other things, an 80% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Required upgrades would have tacked an additional 3% to 4% onto the bills of each APS customer. With its new proposal, APS is now looking at a $295 million outlay to buy the stake in Units 4 and 5 and an additional $290 million for emissions controls.

You can read the rest of the Commentary article on the Power Magazine website.

01. February 2011 by Jason Hayes
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