Peabody Twentymile Mine receives safety awards

The Colorado Mining Association recently honored Peabody’s Twentymile mine for the development of mine safety equipment. The Twentymile team developed a tool that greatly reduced the risks associated with disassembling and moving longwall equipment after sections of a mine have been completed.

Congratulations to Peabody and the Twentymile Mine for work well done, and for safely providing much needed domestic energy and jobs.

Demonstrating the commitment of the Twentymile team to a safe working environment, the CMA also gave several other individual awards to Twentymile employees. Robert Johnson, recently retired Technical Safety Engineer, was honored with a Lifetime of Safety Achievement award. “Bob” worked for over 19 years without a reportable injury.

Fourteen other Twentymile employees were honored for having worked more than 30 years without reportable injuries.

Kevin Copeland, a member of the Mine Safety & Health Team, and Lance McLaughlin, a member of the Safety Compliance team, were both honored for having worked more than 30 years without a reportable injury. Other members of the team receiving honors were,

  • John Reile,Mechanic 37 years
  • Mike Murphy, Mechanic 34 years
  • Percy Martinez, Material Handler 34 years
  • Paul Lyons, Surface Operator 34 years
  • Mike Ludlow, Senior Mine Engineer 33 years
  • Frank Lowther, CM Maintenance Coordinator 33 years
  • Richard Telfer, Mechanic 32 years
  • Lee Norris, Fireboss-Mine Examiner 32 years
  • Carl McGruder, Fireboss-Mine Examiner 32 years
  • Jim Doolin, Electrician- Electrical Instructor 32 years
  • Bob Bennett, LW Maintenance Supervisor 32 years
  • Harry Elkin, Fireboss-Mine Examiner 31 years

The full text of the news release is available on the CMA website.

17. March 2011 by Jason Hayes
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