“California’s Green Jihad”

Yet another article that details the massive negative impacts of over zealous regulation on industry and the economy. This time, Forbes.com looks at the pseudo-religious fervor of green Californian regulators and damage they are doing to the state’s industry and economy.

Californians are learning what ideological extremism can do to an economy. … In California green zealots compel companies to shift their operations to states that are still interested in growing their economy — like Texas. The green regime is one reason why CEO Magazine has ranked California the worst business climate in the nation.

Check out the rest of the article at Forbes.com.

08. June 2011 by Jason Hayes
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  1. Everybody’s talking about the weather but no one is doing anything about it!
    So it’s time for American Progressives (in CA and the other 49 states) concerned about rising temperatures, health care for all and illegal immigration and American Conservatives concerned about rising federal debt, bigger government and rational taxation to quit navel gazing and realize the obvious: they need to BUY each other off in order to effectively address their pet ideological concerns—there is no other way. This means trading things like a carbon tax, healthcare for all (with a public option) and amnesty for a balanced budget, strict limited government (tied to GDP) and an end to the corporate income tax plus other tax reforms.

    Progressives and Conservatives are actually making the same apocalyptic arguments albeit on different issues. They both make good arguments for action. But the public is yawningly uninterested in global warming for instance and unwilling to make the hard choices on America’s fiscal problems. Buying off the opposition is the American way so use the system we have to get the outcome you want. And that’s what Let’s Make A Deal—The Plan is all about: getting the outcome you want.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Interesting ideas. However, I can’t personally agree with the notion of selling out your ideals to “make a deal.”

    Also, I don’t allow free advertising. Sorry, I had to cut the many links you left in the comment.