EPA rule encourages geologic sequestration of CO2

The EPA has proposed a rule that will encourage the use of CO2 capture and geologic sequestration (aka carbon capture and storage – CCS).

The proposed rule would “exclude carbon dioxide (CO2) streams from EPA’s hazardous waste regulations.” Those streams, however, must be injected into wells designed for CO2 sequestration and must meet specific requirements under the Safe Water Drinking Act.

In an uncharacteristic move, EPA has actually stated “that the management of CO2 streams under the proposed conditions does not present a substantial risk to human health or the environment.”

Coalblog readers can refer to the EPA website for further information on this proposed rule.

Interestingly, this article notes that the new rule would not have provided sufficient financial impetus for AEP to have continued with their Mountaineer CCS project.

05. August 2011 by Jason Hayes
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