MSNBC commentary claims people losing interest in renewables and green jobs

In the August 3rd edition of Chris Matthews’ Hardball, Whitehouse Correspondent and MSNBC commentator, Alex Wagner made some interesting comments about renewable energy and green jobs.

While the general discussion was related to President Obama’s handling of the economy, jobs, and his upcoming reelection bid, the offhand, easy way Wagner dissed both renewable energy and green jobs was telling.

Read them for yourself,

MATTHEWS: We don’t want you on the bus here. We want construction jobs. We want the roads fixed and the bridges fixed and brought up to code. We don’t want you riding around here campaigning this August.

WAGNER: Yes, and there’s a bit of hucksterism to it. It’s like recovery summer of last year. It’s like of sort of White House that was so good with messaging back in the day.

What has happened?

And I think, you know, to Jonathan’s earlier point, look, green jobs? I mean, these are

MATTHEWS: What does it mean to you, that phrase?

WAGNER: Renewables. Battery plants. If we see Obama in another battery plant in the next three weeks, I think everybody is ready to give up on wind, solar and hydro. I mean, the idea that that’s going to pull us out of the ditch that we are remain in?

I mean, you know, I was talking with Emanuel Cleaver earlier this week, and he was saying, look, you know, to a certain degree, there’s bound to be disappointment, people pin hopes on Barack Obama. But, at the end of the day, people don’t understand what these green jobs are, you know? And if that’s the only plan he has, I think the White House is in serious trouble.

— emphasis added

05. August 2011 by Jason Hayes
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