OH Legislator pushes to repeal state RPS

There is an interesting article on istockanalyst.com that describes the efforts of state senator, Kris Jordan to repeal Ohio’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS). Jordan is unabashed in explaining his reasoning for this move. He is pushing the repeal to help the embattled Ohio economy recover and mandating renewable energy costs ratepayers far more.

With one of the worst recessions in recent memory still fresh in our minds, the last thing we need to do in Ohio is drive up the cost of energy for both Ohio families and Ohio businesses, and that’s exactly what the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard does.

Equally interesting is the clear – although perhaps unintended – admission by members of the Ohio environmental industry that Jordan’s assessment is accurate.

Nolan Moser, the energy program director at the Ohio Environmental Council admitted that without legislative mandates propping up the renewables industry, they would be quickly scrapped when citizens and ratepayers were allowed to choose between various energy options.

Jordan’s proposal “could cripple” one of the fastest-growing sectors of Ohio’s economy, (Mosler) said.

Wind and solar projects planned for Ohio would be scrapped and jobs would be lost, said Brian Kaiser, director of green jobs and innovation for Moser’s group.

It’s good to see that news readers are now starting to get a more accurate picture of the real costs of our energy choices. Even if those admissions are leaking out by accident, an honest accounting of the true costs and benefits of our energy choices is long overdue.

The full text of Jordan’s news release is available on his website.

16. September 2011 by Jason Hayes
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