Maria’s Place – rising energy costs are hitting the average Joe … & Maria … hard

Maria Tworek’s story is the same story being told by millions of American’s over the past few years. Maria is a small business owner that is working hard to provide her customers with a good product and her family with a roof over their heads.

But small business owners like Maria are struggling to deal with the high costs of regulation.

Recent and radical changes to energy policy are making it harder to produce and use our domestic energy resources. To the average Maria in your town, that means energy costs are “necessarily skyrocketing.”

Skyrocketing energy prices mean the restaurants we enjoy and the companies we support are having to raise their costs just to be able to pay their electricity bills.

As more and more short-sighted energy policies are passed by elected officials and regulators, the end result is higher costs, fewer jobs, and less opportunity for people who are already struggling in this slow economy.

As Maria notes at the end of the video, “something needs to be done, and something needs to be done fairly quickly.”

We need to start developing and using our domestic energy resources again. Clean, affordable, abundant, secure, domestic energy – coal makes it all possible.

03. May 2012 by Jason Hayes
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