UK coal burn at highest in 6-years

Interesting to see that while American regulators are working to kill off the coal industry, UK utilities have moved to coal strongly in Q1 of 2012. This Reuters article indicates that UK’s coal burn is at a 6-year high and coal made up 46% of their generation mix in Q1 of 2012.

Yes folks, this is the same UK that was at the center of the Kyoto Protocol and that is pushing climate change-related CO2 reductions. If (even) the UK is still using coal to produce 46% of their electricity this year, why are we cutting our own throat and killing off our ability to compete internationally? Why are we not using more of our advanced technologies to build clean and efficient new coal plants as we retire our older plants?

01. June 2012 by Jason Hayes
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  1. Cleaner Coal Plants using new technology would surely be a source of Non-Polluting Energy.