US CO2 emissions drop – world emissions rise

This July 20 Reuters article demonstrates that global CO2 emissions will rise or fall based largely on what China, India, and the remainder of the developing world do.

The article details the findings of the recent European Commission’s Joint Research Centre report. While U.S.-based CO2 emissions fell by 2% (110 million metric tonnes), China’s emissions rose by 9% (800 million metric tonnes). China now “represents 29% of global emissions versus 16% for the U.S.” The report also details how the U.S. is no longer even the largest emitter of CO2 on a per capita basis. That distinction is held by Australia, with the U.S. now in second place.

Despite the dropping emissions from the U.S., global emissions still rose by 3% to 34 billion metric tonnes. Therefore, the obvious question that must be addressed is why is it still essential for the U.S. to critically wound its economy if the actions of the U.S. have no real impact on world emissions?

07. August 2012 by Jason Hayes
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