Greens offering a “None of the Above” energy policy

IBD recently published an article looking at an issue I have been discussing for many years now. The Green Industry across the planet makes a big show about supporting “green” energy over fossil and nuclear options. However, when it comes time to actually build this – or any – new capacity, the green industry fires up its protest movement and litigates until it dies on the vine.

Two environmental groups in April filed suit to block an energy project they said would seriously harm the local ecosystem.

It wasn’t a coal plant, or an oil refinery, or a nuclear reactor. It was a wind farm — the very sort of “clean” energy environmentalists champion as an alternative to dirty traditional supplies.

The article goes on to explain how the green industry has stopped numerous other renewable projects as well. As I have said previously, the greens don’t offer realistic alternatives. This article describes it as their “none of the above” energy policy.

As we see more of their antics and foot dragging, we are more and more convinced that it is no longer about protecting the environment – because stopping or shutting down energy production in this manner will force people back to far less ‘green’ options like wood stoves for heat. For the green industry, it is increasingly about shutting down our way of life. I make this charge because, through the application of our technology, it is possible to use our baseload energy supplies in a very clean and efficient manner. We can use our domestic coal, nuclear, gas, and large hydro resources in a way that provides affordable, abundant, reliable, and clean energy for millions of people across the nation. However, the green plan is to stop most – if not all – new generation plans and to shut down much of what we already have.

Their actions to stop energy generation – in all its forms – are clearly about stopping progress and productivity and moving us back to a time when people were subject to the vagaries of weather and disease; when lives were a Hobbesian version of “solitary, poor, nastybrutish and short.”

That’s hardly an acceptable option. We need something far better than “none of the above,” we need reasonable alternatives.

31. August 2012 by Jason Hayes
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