ACC Communications Director quoted in National Review article on coal

I was quoted in a recent National Review Online article that discusses the growing impacts of EPA regulations on the coal industry.

The article makes some great points about how the EPA has ignored the “remarkable achievements” of the coal industry in reducing emissions over the past four decades. The outcomes of that refusal to recognize the industry’s numerous successes is explained throughout the rest of the article, as it describes the closures and the job loses that are mounting in the industry.

The author wrapped up the article with my comments. I’ve included them below.

Jason Hayes, communications director for the American Coal Council, emphasizes that point. “The industry over the past few decades has invested over $100 billion in cleaning up emissions, and it’s already been effective,” he says. “All of the important noxious pollutants have decreased markedly over the last 30 to 40 years, at the same time that we’ve been using more and more coal, and the expectation is that we’re going to continue investing.” In the next ten years, the industry anticipates spending “another $100 billion cleaning up and building newer, more efficient power plants, and we’re doing all of this on top of dealing with all the other things.”

“The environmental benefits that we’re hearing about are questionable,” Hayes adds. “The job losses are real. They’re happening right now.”

03. October 2012 by Jason Hayes
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