Coal supporters “harassed” & barred from Obama-Biden events

Interesting news coming out of President Obama’s campaign events. Apparently people who are openly supportive of coal-fueled energy are having their pro-coal T-shirts, hats, and signs confiscated as they go through event security. Other coal supporters were apparently barred from entering.

Advocates of “clean coal,” hopeful of pushing their cause at Obama-Biden campaign events, say that organizers have confiscated T-shirts, hats and signs and harassed supporters.

At a Chesterfield, Virginia rally Tuesday for Vice President Biden, clean coal supporters said that their T-shirts, hats and signs were taken as they passed through security. Others said that they were barred from entering after an official who had earlier confiscated clean coal T-shirts called it a “private event.”

Wednesday at a rally for President Obama in Bowling Green, Ohio, clean coal advocates in their T-shirts and hats were asked to leave and their video tracker filming their treatment was filmed by an event video tracker.

03. October 2012 by Jason Hayes
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