Miners Fight Back Against Obama TV Ad: “Absolute Lies”

Ohio coal miners speak out against President Obama’s TV ad and media reports that are claiming Murray Energy miners were “forced” to attend a recent Mitt Romney campaign event.

“We voluntarily and enthusiastically attended the event and take great offense to the disingenuous reporting of the event by … media outlets.”

They stated that “It was an honor to host this important event for Gov. Romney.”

This story is also being reported on The Intelligencer, Redstate.com and the Gateway Pundit.

13. October 2012 by Jason Hayes
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  1. This needs to be on a major news outlet and I have yet too see it!! Its time someone insist the media cover the truth about their situations.

  2. It most definitely should be covered by the major news outlets. Please call them and let them know about it and ask them why they have not reported on this story.