November surprise: EPA scrambles to finish anti-coal regs

This Washington Examiner article explains how the EPA has massively ramped up its efforts to complete anti-coal greenhouse gas regulations that will effectively make it impossible to build new coal-fueled power in the U.S.

Expectations are that EPA staffers are rushing to complete the regulations quickly to get them in place before January, should Mitt Romney win the election. Once in place, the regulation would be difficult for an incoming Romney administration to reverse.

On the eve of the 2012 election, more than 50 of President Obama’s EPA staffers are crashing to finish new greenhouse gas emission standards. The rules would make the construction of new coal-fired power plants nearly impossible. A government-imposed switch from coal to other forms of energy would cost the economy about $700 billion over several years, according to the Manhattan Institute.

The bureaucrats are clearly in a hurry to get this done. Never before has the EPA devoted so many staffers to a single regulation. Take it as a sign of pre-election panic by environmentalists inside the Obama administration. If Mitt Romney wins tomorrow’s election, regulators will have only a narrow window to enact anti-fossil fuel regulations that would then be very hard for the new president to undo

04. November 2012 by Jason Hayes
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