Connecticut raising energy prices

Connecticut only used coal for 7.9% of its energy in 2009. Not surprisingly, it has the highest electricity rates in the continental U.S., at almost 16 cents per KWh. That is almost 60% higher than the national average (of 10 cents per KWh).

Unfortunately for Connecticut’s energy users, Governor Malloy’s new budget is planning to make a $2.50/MW energy tax – on all generation sources other than wind and solar – permanent, meaning CT electricity users are going to see even higher rates.

This is why we keep saying we need to focus on using our domestic coal and fossil energy resources to keep electricity rates as low as possible.

This is something that the people of Louisiana have clearly figured out, as they used coal to power 35% of their energy generation in 2009 and are today enjoying some of the lowest electricity rates in the country.

20. March 2013 by Jason Hayes
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