Wall Street Journal highlights administration’s growing pressure on coal

Growing pressure on the U.S. coal industry from the current administration will cost jobs and raise electricity prices across the country.

The beleaguered domestic coal industry, bracing for the possibility that no more coal-burning power plants will ever be built on U.S. soil, is teaming up with other business groups to blunt the impact of President Obama’s climate-change agenda, while also shifting its business focus to exports.

Following the president’s announcement Tuesday of a sweeping plan to cut greenhouse-gas emissions, including at existing coal-fired power plants, some company officials said Wednesday there is also greater urgency to develop clean-coal technology, including a cost-effective way to capture and store carbon dioxide.

The coal industry plans to coordinate lobbying efforts with manufacturers and other business groups to fight rules they argue will raise electricity costs. Several groups plan to reach out to members of Congress from states that rely heavily on coal generation.

01. July 2013 by Jason Hayes
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