The war on coal’s impact on jobs and the economy

Rep. Murphy Describes the War on Coal’s Impact on Poverty

“Somebody ought to speak up for Americans who are losing their jobs. … I can’t imagine why anyone would vote against an amendment that says, ‘we want to know what the EPA is doing to put more people in poverty. So what are we going to do? Offer them more food stamps, more welfare, more money for their schools, more other things there. Why not give people the decency of a job? And say that when we come up with these regulations, why can’t we talk about the effect this has upon jobs? The effect that this has upon families? The effect that this has upon the future of children, and the struggles they have; the hopelessness they have; and the depression that they face, and the worries that they have? Let’s be compassionate and get back to these issues and stop talking about the politics on either side of this.”

18. July 2013 by Jason Hayes
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