Wind energy taking precedence over public safety

Apparently it’s not enough that wind turbines are colloquially known as “avian Cuisinarts.” In Ontario, various levels of government are playing a dangerous game of chicken that could soon see an airplane also sliced and diced in the massive blades of these imposing structures.

It’s truly amazing that government in Ontario is so infatuated with “green” energy that they would allow wind farms to risk the lives and safety of pilots and their passengers. As the Sun News video above describes, Provincial and municipal governments appear to have ignored federal government warnings and safety regulations and allowed wind turbines to be installed well within the federally mandated safe area around Ontario airports.

Even worse, discussion in the video above and in this CBC article indicate that, now that the turbines are up, various levels of government are dithering around, pointing fingers at each other and claiming that some other department, company, or organization is responsible for their removal.

The CBC also reports that while there are eight turbines in the immediate danger zone, there are over 300 in the Chattam-Kent area and there are plans to install another 124 this year.

So the Provincial government appears unwilling to touch a turbine, given their devotion to green ideology and infatuation with building more and more wind turbines. The municipality is claiming the federal government is responsible. The federal government has ordered the removal of the turbines, but won’t lift a finger to remove them. The company who installed them claims they have the federal, provincial, and municipal permits to prove they were installed legally.

Local elected officials are talking tough and promising litigation and, all the while, pilots and travelers using the airport remain in harm’s way.

I guess an immediate threat from “green” energy is safe enough to ignore then? I suppose that when the first plane goes down, their families can take heart, knowing that their loved ones died to “protect the planet.”

Quite literally insane.

27. July 2013 by Jason Hayes
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