Business owner speaks out about EPA’s GHG rule

Business owners are predicting major job losses and economic damage due to the EPA’s proposed NSPS rule governing CO2 emissions from new coal plants.

Coal – whether mined in Virginia, West Virginia or elsewhere in the United States – generates affordable, reliable electricity. The major economic engines of our region that employ our family members, friends and neighbors – our military installations, NASA’s Langley Research Center, government agencies and the Port of Virginia – are aided by the affordability and reliability of coal-fired electricity.

Coal also provides the same affordable, reliable and domestically sourced electricity to millions of Virginia homes.

But all of that – our jobs, our prosperity and our affordable electricity – is now at risk, in part due to new regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Under an unprecedented interpretation of an old law, the EPA is using the Clean Air Act to justify “New Source Performance Standard” regulations for fossil fuel-based electric generating sources.

These regulations require new coal-fueled power plants – like those that provide a substantial portion of Virginia’s electricity needs – to meet the same standards as new natural gas-fired plants. These regulations will block the construction of new coal plants, require the upgrade of existing coal-fired facilities and stifle innovation in new coal technologies.

In effect, these rules threaten to put Virginia coal off-limits and will undermine our state’s economy.

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26. September 2013 by Jason Hayes
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