Why is the President determined to kill coal?

Alpha Natural Resources CEO asks President Obama “Why Are You So Determined To Kill America’s Coal Industry?” in a September 26th Forbes.com editorial.

On Sept. 20 the Obama Administration proposed regulations that would require future coal-fired power plants to deploy currently nonexistent technologies to reduce their CO2 emissions. The President has also directed the Environmental Protection Agency to propose rules next year to reduce CO2 emissions from existing coal fired plants. Coal provides nearly 40 percent of America’s electricity – no small amount – because it is domestic, abundant, affordable and reliable.  By putting onerous restrictions on a resource that is such a vital part of the U.S. energy mix and U.S economic prosperity, the President needs to address four fundamental questions about the impact of his proposal…

  1. What’s your plan to fill the future energy gap?
  2. How much will EPA’s proposals cost and who pays?
  3. How long before research into advanced clean coal technology dries up?
  4. Can your Administration articulate its energy policy?

Read the remainder of this article as some answers to the four questions on the Forbes.com website.

30. September 2013 by Jason Hayes
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