“Greenpeace’s true aim”

James Dellingpole’s latest is a fiery shot across the Rainbow Warrior’s bow. Dellingpole argues (quite rightly IMHO) that the end result of Greenpeace’s anti-energy campaigns would be the destruction of Western industrialized society. As Dellingpole points out, every time Greenpeace (and their cohorts in the Sierra Club, NRDC, and other similar groups) is able to shut down another energy or development project, they hit each one of us in the wallet and pocket book, as the price of energy and basic necessities like food, housing, education, etc. all increase.

Here we all were, struggling with the cost of living, filling up our cars with overpriced petrol.

Yet here was a well-funded, hard-Left environmentalist charity using its multi-million pound advertising budget trying to enlist our support for the kind of people hell bent on making our fuel bills more expensive still.

Of course as a multi-national corporation with $336 million in annual revenues, Greenpeace is sitting pretty. They don’t need to fear rising energy costs like those living on fixed incomes, or even those living on a normal middle-class income. Greenpeace’s multi-million dollar bankroll can easily absorb the additional costs their campaigns force on the rest of us.

In any case what’s Greenpeace’s proposed alternative?

That we all turn down our heating and freeze to death?

With five million households in Britain already in fuel poverty thanks to the Government’s green energy taxes some of us are doing that already: about 25,000 elderly people die each winter from excessive cold.

That’s what’s so truly offensive about Greenpeace’s campaigning.

They pose as our cuddly, caring friends – the “good” people who only want to make our world a better place – but what they’re really into is spreading fear and lies to scare and emotionally blackmail us into giving them money to finance their campaigning to destroy Western industrial civilisation.

The reality is that it’s the regular, hard-working people who face crumbling infrastructure, unemployment lines, foreclosures, and shuttered mines/factories. It’s those same people that also deal with rising energy and food costs. It’s those people who—every day—pay the price of Greenpeace’s endless campaign against our lives, jobs, and culture.

25. November 2013 by Jason Hayes
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