ACC Statement on the EPA NSPS GHG rule

On January 8, 2014, after four-month delay, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) posted its New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) rule to the Federal Register. Despite the extended delay, the published rule remains essentially unchanged from the initial version. It will effectively remove new coal plants as an electricity generation option, while having no “direct impact on U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases.” In so doing, it will have the detrimental effect of freezing research and testing and will stop the development and use of new, cleaner, more efficient energy technologies.

As the American Coal Council (ACC) has stated previously, this is ill-advised energy policy that will cost the nation tens of thousands of well-paying jobs, reduce energy options, limit our energy security, negatively impact American ability to compete in world markets, diminish our technological lead in clean energy generation, and increase the cost of electricity for Americans.

Comments on the proposed rule are due to EPA by March 10, 2014. Additionally, EPA will hold a public hearing on January 28, 2014 in Washington, DC.

ACC urges its associates and affiliates to make use of the opportunity to send comments about this rule to the EPA during the comment period. Comment tools are available at and

Betsy Monseu, CEO, American Coal Council

ACC statement on the EPA NSPS GHG rule was originally published on the ACC website.

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15. January 2014 by Jason Hayes
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