Germany increasing coal

Amidst the Energiewende-based push to close nuclear plants and build increasing amounts of renewables to power German energy needs, Germans are looking more and more to coal to provide their electricity.

Source: Real Clear Energy

Source: Real Clear Energy

As this article notes, German wind power sat essentially still, unproductive for a full week last December. Strangely enough, Germans still needed energy despite the renewable lull. They’re closing nuclear and gas in Europe is too expensive to compete as a baseload fuel, so only coal remains.

Germany’s energy transition has also been a transition to coal: Despite multi-billion subsidies for renewable energy sources, power generation from brown coal (lignite) has climbed to its highest level in Germany since 1990. It is especially coal-fired power plants that are replacing the eight nuclear power plants that were shut down, while less CO2-intensive, but more expensive gas-fired power plants are currently barely competitive.


30. January 2014 by Jason Hayes
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