The cloud is powered by coal

Alex Epstein from the Center for Industrial Progress puts a new spin on the topic I covered in my Spotlight article in the fall 2013 issue of American Coal magazine, “Coal Powers the Cloud.”

“Americans use too much energy” is one of the most politically correct things you can say—but it’s wrong. My favorite response to that complaint is by the great energy commentator Robert Bryce, who says: “Actually, I use just the right amount.”

There’s no such thing as too much energy. Energy is the capacity to power machines that make our lives better. There are always new and wonderful ways to use it.

I have to agree with Alex that it’s smart to use an abundant, affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean energy resource to power and extend our daily lives and to make our lives more efficient, healthy, and enjoyable.

As Alex quite rightly notes, a coal-powered cloud is a good thing.

07. February 2014 by Jason Hayes
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