Offshore UK wind farms increasingly expensive and unreliable

A December 2013 Telegraph article describes the growing costs and rapid drop offs in generation capacity being experienced at offshore wind farms in the UK

… due to wear and tear on their mechanisms and blades, the amount of electricity they generate very dramatically falls over the years; so that a turbine that initially produces on average at 25 per cent of its “capacity” can degrade over 15 years to produce less than 5 per cent. With offshore turbines, the effects of weather and salt corrosion are so damaging that output falls from 45 per cent to barely 12 per cent.

The short article goes on to note that the result of these dramatic drops in generation efficiency mean that governments and utilities will soon have to invest many billions more to build new turbines or replace the existing fleet. Either way, the actual costs of wind energy will rise dramatically.

Once again we see that the claims of wind energy advocates that wind has achieved “cost parity” with other fuels and energy options are simply wrong.

03. March 2014 by Jason Hayes
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