Wind industry legally allowed to kill golden eagles

This MasterResource article is almost a month old, but it is still well worth reading. It provides an astonishing look into the lack of concern being shown for golden eagles by legislators, regulators, and wind energy developers and advocates.

The fallout from this contrived data is that the wind industry is being allowed to legally kill 1,036 golden eagles a year from a rapidly declining population. …

How can this problem get fixed? The fact is, it may never be fixed, because the Interior Department, wind energy industry, environmental organizations, and local, state and national politicians are all committed to policies that emphasize eliminating fossil fuels and falsely proclaim that hydrocarbons are being replaced with wind, solar and other renewable energy. In this perverted context, protecting eagles (and other birds and bats) is only a distant secondary consideration. …

As a federal employee told me two decades ago, field personnel are forced to ignore the truth in order to support policies and agendas coming out of Washington. If they refuse, they get fired. He also said, if I ever told anybody what he had revealed to me, his life would be ruined and he would deny ever talking to me.

People need to open their eyes, stop viewing the slaughter of bald and golden eagles as “acceptable” “collateral” damage by a thus-far unaccountable wind energy industry, bureaucracy and political establishment that are rigging the numbers and peddling deadly turbines as a “responsible,” “sustainable” and “environment-friendly” alternative to hydrocarbon, hydroelectric and nuclear power.

This story is more proof that wind energy has little to do with the environment and a great deal to do with money and power.

If a fossil fuel-based energy producer was having a tenth of the impact on endangered raptors that these wind installations have, there would be calls for jail terms and stiff fines for the executives running those companies.

However, when a “green” energy source kills thousands of protected raptors and hundreds of thousands of other birds and bats, environmental groups, wind advocates, legislators, and regulators just look the other way. Again, it’s not about protecting endangered species so much as it is about protecting those who have invested in wind energy.

As the quoted MasterResource article notes, the slaughter of endangered eagles won’t stop until enough people get angry and vocal about their anger to force wind developers and regulators to open up about their impacts and the actual number of bird and bats killed by wind installations.

17. March 2014 by Jason Hayes
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