Leaked Sierra Club docs show $150 million to spend on attacking coal

Leaked Sierra Club documents reveal the “green” group’s plans for their massive multi-million dollar “Beyond Coal” campaign. The confidential document shows that the group planned to spend $150 million dollars just attacking coal jobs and forcing energy prices higher.

“…we will run a strategic national campaign that pushes and supports EPA to issue a series of new pollution-cutting rules relating to each step in the coal lifecycle, including coal mining, coal burning, and disposal of coal ash.”

“At the same time we will use our battle-tested community organizers, lawyers, and media experts to ramp up to a 198-person campaign that is driving robust coal-retirement and clean energy replacement campaigns in at least 45 states … Sierra Club staff will engage our allies and tens of thousands of new and existing activists to shutter plant after plant.”

The plan goes on to describe how the Sierra Club will push the EPA to implement a multitude of new regulations aimed at doubling the cost of coal-fueled energy. At the same time, Sierra Club execs note how they will stress the need to replace coal with wind and solar energy, which they claim will be competitive with coal at these new, unnaturally inflated rates. (Of course they ignore the fact that wind and solar energy can only “compete” with coal as they have large portions of their development and operating costs covered by generous subsidies and direct government funding, as well as sweeping mandates that require their construction and use. They also ignore the fact that removing these gratuitous handouts and mandates would quickly have the renewable industry struggling and regressing as it has throughout Europe when cash-strapped governments were forced to cut extravagant renewable energy subsidies.)

Moving beyond the details about regulations and renewables, we can see from this document that Sierra Club bigwigs know they are costing thousands of people their jobs and raising electricity prices across the country – and they don’t care.

They don’t care about the miners, utility and railroad workers who are forced into unemployment when mines and generation plants close. They don’t care about the rising costs of electricity for the poor and those on fixed incomes, or those forced to choose between heating and eating.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, how does a 25%, 50%, 75% increase in your monthly electric bill touch them? Remember that this leaked document brags about how the Sierra Club has over $150 million to toss around on this one “robust” anti-coal campaign.

They’re flush with cash and drunk with political power and they’re laughing all the way through the offices of the EPA to the bank.

So why on earth should they care if they shut down mines and power plants that employ entire communities? Why should they care if they shut down the mom and pop stores that sell groceries to the miners, or if they shutter the car dealer in the mining town? Why would they care if the small town hospital goes under because the royalties from the mine no longer pay for the doctors and nurses that ran that facility? And why would they care that their influence and politicking is putting thousands more people out of work?

At the end of the day, the mortgages and salaries of these Sierra Club bigwigs are all covered. They can easily afford their hush-hush meetings with EPA officials at DC coffee shops. They’re comfy and cozy and you can be sure that they won’t lose a minute’s sleep over the fact that they played a key role in causing your joblessness and financial difficulties.

27. March 2014 by Jason Hayes
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