GHG regs are about “leadership” not the environment

It is really time that people woke up to the fact that these extreme new EPA regulations will have no perceptible impact on the environment. EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy clearly admitted this fact during her testimony before Congress.

As she clearly stated, the EPA’s anti-coal regulations are not designed to address any of the EPA’s 26 climate change indicators. By Ms. McCarthy’s admission, we will spend $50 billion+ and lose over 200,000 jobs per year for the sole purpose of having the U.S. seen as a “leader in an international discussion” on climate change and carbon dioxide emissions reductions. Nothing more.

6 Major Myths About EPA's Proposed GHG Regulations (Source:

6 Major Myths About EPA’s Proposed GHG Regulations (Source:

13. June 2014 by Jason Hayes
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