Interesting (if perhaps a little embarrassing) non-response

Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) recent question to four former EPA Agency chiefs is an instructive look into the use of hyperbole and the deliberate and extravagant overstating of potential impacts of climate change that is widely used in contemporary politics and policy development.

Senator Sessions quoted President Obama’s repeated attempts to defend his climate action plan and the claimed need for EPA GHG regulations on new and existing coal plants with claims that

“the temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even 10 years ago,”


“we also know that the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated 5 or 10-years ago.”

The Senator then posed a simple question to the former administrators. He asked,

“if any of you agree that’s an accurate statement on the climate …”

There was an uncomfortable silence from the panel, as they looked back and forth at each other. Hearing no response, Senator Sessions continued.

So if you do (agree that is an accurate statement), raise your hand. <extended pause> Well, thank you. The record will reflect that no one raised their hands.

(The question and the former administrator’s lack of response to that question starts at the 1:20 mark and ends at 2:09.) The remainder of the discussion is interesting to listen to as well.

19. June 2014 by Jason Hayes
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