Greenpeace campaigns against LEGO and humanity

For those who might have missed it, the folks at Greenpeace have taken up arms against LEGO. Yes, LEGO, the much loved children’s toy. Author, Jaana Woiceshyn, takes them to task for their hypocritical claims.

People running Greenpeace must be confused—or dishonest hypocrites. I am arguing the latter.

Greenpeace’s staff are dishonest hypocrites because they know full well that Lego’s products are made of plastic, a petroleum derivative. Greenpeace pays lip service to loving a children’s toy manufacturer and to caring about our children inheriting the Earth, because it doesn’t want to reveal its true goal: preserving the planet as an end in itself, not for any human use. If Greenpeace revealed its true motive—keeping the planet pristine, at the cost of human well-being and lives—it would lose much of its support. Only the die-hard, anti-human true core of the so-called environmental movement would continue crusading for “saving the planet.”

Ms Woiceshyn is absolutely correct that many of these green groups are not interested in bettering human life. They are interested in “saving the plant” (however, they may have defined “saving” that particular day) and they are quite happy to do so at the expense of human well-being.

Once people wake up to this fact, they will have a much different opinion of Greenpeace and other groups like it.

Kudos to Jaana for being brave enough to stand up and boldly state the facts.

30. July 2014 by Jason Hayes
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