Coal country sees what is happending

More and more people are waking up to the reality that the war on coal is just one part of a much larger war. As Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich described in a 2013 American Coal magazine article,

The phrase “war on coal,” however, is highly misleading.

A “war on coal” is in fact “a war on Americans.”

It means Americans in small towns in West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, southern Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Wyoming will lose their jobs and see their communities destroyed as casualties in the Obama “war on coal.”

It means Americans working on railroads which transport the coal will lose their jobs as collateral damage in the ” war on coal.”

It is hard-working Americans in manufacturing in Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania and other states that will lose their jobs as the increased cost of energy puts them at a disadvantage in competing with Chinese and other foreign manufacturers.

It means lower-income Americans will have their family budgets hit hardest by higher electricity prices and will personally bear the cost of the Obama “war on coal.”

Coal provides 40% of American energy and does so in an affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean manner. It is hopelessly naive to pretend that attacking the source of 40% of our energy and over 800,000 direct and indirect jobs, as well as billions in income/royalties/taxes will not have negative impacts on jobs and our economy.

Government would do far better to cease its feckless attacks on productive American workers and begin to support our domestic coal industry in the development and use of new, more efficient clean coal technologies. Those technologies will allow us to continue using our most abundant fossil fuel resource, provide multiple thousands of new jobs, and keep essential energy production at its peak across the nation.

07. August 2014 by Jason Hayes
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