Deroy Murdock’s recent NRO article on the ‘green-ness’ of so-called green energy takes renewable energy head on. His article demonstrates, once again, that all forms of energy have impacts on the environment. It is, therefore, the job of the energy industry, elected officials, regulators, and the media to provide balanced facts on the relative costs and benefits of energy policy choices. It is also the job of government and regulators to avoid selecting (and promoting) some energy options at the expense of others, especially when the selected energy sources have their own long (and growing) list of environmental and economic negatives they need to address.

Source: AP & USWS - A MacGilivray's Warbler fatally burned at the Ivanpah Solar Plant in October 2013

Source: AP & USWS – A MacGilivray’s Warbler fatally burned at the Ivanpah Solar Plant in October 2013

Murdock points out some of the environmental challenges facing the renewables industry, such as …

  • Solar’s impacts on wildlife, including birds, insects, kit-foxes, endangered tortoises , habitat, and the use of greenfield sites (instead of available brownfield sites) to develop new generation facilities
  • Wind’s impacts on small birds, endangered raptors (golden and bald eagles), and bats (by causing lung hemorrhages)
  • The Obama administration’s refusal to prosecute the killing of endangered raptors by the wind industry
  • The mining of rare earth metals and the use of toxic chemicals in the development of wind turbines and solar panels

Murdock closes out his article by noting,

Environmentalists should stop hallucinating about “sustainable” power sources that unleash puppies and rainbows at no cost to air, water, habitat, and wildlife. “Clean energy” hurts nature. Those who believe otherwise live in Fantasyland.

30. September 2014 by Jason Hayes
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