Mike Rowe – “Thanks!”

This video from the host of the Discovery Channel show, “Dirty Jobs” is a few years old, but it is worth posting it every once in a while.

Mike’s words serve as an excellent reminder for all of us that we are blessed by a rich and abundant, affordable, reliable supply of electricity, as well as the minerals, metals, and many of the chemicals and other products that make our health, wealth, and well-being possible. All of those things are provided for us by miners; men and women who work long hours pulling the coal, metals, and minerals out of the ground, treating and shipping them and then turning them into useful products that improve our lives.

So, to repeat Mike’s words, “Thank you!” We all owe you a debt of gratitude for your work! What we have and enjoy wouldn’t be possible without you.

19. November 2014 by Jason Hayes
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