Fossil fuels – the moral choice

The Moral Case for Fossil FuelsAlex Epstein’s recent Fox News article makes the moral case for retaining the use of fossil fuels as a means of human betterment.

…someone needed to stand up for the right to improve our lives using coal, oil, and natural gas–the only source of energy that can provide, cheap, reliable energy for 7 billion people.

…what this means is that the moral high ground is still up for grabs.

To win it, they will need to articulate positive, specific policies. This takes clarity and courage. For instance, on the EPA, they need to challenge the EPA’s deadly “clean air” regulations that are based not on the objective evidence about what concentrations of power plant emissions are unhealthy, but the dogma that emissions must always be lower — even if that means shutting down absolutely necessary and perfectly healthy coal plants. …

It’s … an opportunity to begin on a new and better path, one in which we do not demonize companies who are creating our energy future.

28. November 2014 by Jason Hayes
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