Gulf Coast embraces coal shippers

The Gulf Coast is embracing the coal shippers that litigious green groups in the Pacific NW have pushed away. Not surprisingly, Gulf Coast residents are benefiting greatly from the new investment and jobs that these companies bring.

While environmental opposition has stymied plans to build terminals in California and the Pacific Northwest, the Mississippi River town of Darrow, Louisiana, has a new $300 million export facility. It’s part of a regional expansion that will increase capacity by 66 percent to 119 million metric tons by 2017, or more than half the national total, according to New York-based Doyle Trading Consultants LLC.

At least $898 million, or 64 percent of the total $1.4 billion companies such as Ambre Energy Ltd. were planning to invest on the West Coast, is being spent on terminals in the Gulf of Mexico.

More and more we’re realizing the long-term damage that the actions of these extreme green special interest groups are having on people across the nation. Their litigious stalling tactics are driving thousands of well-paying careers out of entire regions, stopping development, and hindering infrastructure projects. But, as the Bloomberg article states, “the West Coast’s loss is the Gulf Coast’s gain.”

28. November 2014 by Jason Hayes
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