How many comments did Sierra Club submit?

This Washington Examiner headline and opening paragraph caught my attention today.

EPA power-plant proposal draws 1.6 million comments

More than 1.6 million comments both supporting and opposing the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants were filed before Monday’s deadline.

I was interested because ours was one of those 1.6 million comments that was submitted. However, I was also interested because I had seen the Sierra Club’s Twitter feed earlier today, and they claimed to have submitted over 8 million comments by themselves.

Sierra Club claims 8 million comments to EPA

Someone’s numbers aren’t adding up here. 1.6 million total comments – both supporting and opposing – but the Sierra Club claims to have submitted over 8 million.

Of course, both the EPA and the Washington Examiner  could be flat out wrong about the 1.6 million number. Of course that would mean that, and, and, and Columbus Business First, and several others were wrong also. But, even if we recognize that there were many thousands of comments coming in on the final day and very generously doubled, or even more than tripled the total number of comments to over 6 million – heck, even the 8 million the Sierra Club claims to have submitted – something still isn’t adding up here. If the Sierra Club submitted 8 million by themselves, where are the opposing comments?

Given the theme of a post from yesterday, where Sierra Club was suspected of having “fabricated” anti-coal support, I just naturally wondered if maybe … possibly … perhaps they had exaggerated their support numbers once again.

I’m sure they’ll have a reasonable and transparent answer for this discrepancy.

02. December 2014 by Jason Hayes
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