NRDC’s comment numbers are a bit high too

Time to learns some ABC's and 123'sIt seems that I wasn’t the only one who noticed that certain green groups might be needing some remedial work on their basic mathematical skills.

In keeping with the theme of my previous post, How many comments did Sierra Club submit?, the blog noticed that the folks at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) are also claiming to have submitted 8 million comments to the EPA.

Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) executive director Frances Beinecke chimed in to claim on her blog that Americans have filed 8 million comments in favor of the EPA’s efforts to limit carbon emissions.

Ed note: I also wasn’t surprised to see the NRDC blog using a Photoshopped and darkened picture of steam coming from a utility stack, trying to fool people into believing emissions from generation plants are much worse than they actually are. But I digress …

The post noted the same 1.6 million comment number coming from the EPA, and confirmed that number – actually a smaller number of total comments – at

So, Sierra Club claims they have filed over 8 million comments and NRDC is claiming that Americans “filed more than 8 million comments in favor of the EPA’s plans to limit carbon pollution from new and existing power plants” (apparently trying to confuse their readers by blending comment claims for past regulations on GHG in a post about the 111(d) – existing plants proposed regulation).

Whether they are together trying to claim 16 million comments, or blending their comments to come up with 8 million comments, or trying to claim comments from opponents of the regulation somehow support their campaign, or … who knows what else, they are both still clearly way off base.

The government’s numbers show less than a third of their 8 million comments number have been received by the EPA.

Of course this problem NRDC and Sierra Club seem to be having getting basic addition right leads one to ask how is anyone supposed to believe any of their other claims that involve more advanced math?

02. December 2014 by Jason Hayes
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