The true cost of wind power

Here is another article that looks at the true costs of generating electricity from wind. As I have noted in many previous Coalblog posts, we consistently hear how wind generation has achievedcost parity” with fossil fuels. However, a closer look at the actual costs involved reveal a much different story, with wind power coming in at an estimated $149 / MWh.

Over the past 35 years, wind energy – which supplied just 4.4% of US electricity in 2014 – has received US$30 billion in federal subsidies and grants. These subsidies shield people from the uncomfortable truth of just how much wind power actually costs and transfer money from average taxpayers to wealthy wind farm owners, many of which are units of foreign companies. …

The best estimate available for the total cost of wind power is $149 per megawatt-hour, taken from Giberson’s 2013 report.

16. April 2015 by Jason Hayes
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