Impacts of TVA closures are frightening

A recent report by Management Information Services takes a look at the massive, statewide impacts of TVA’s planned closure of almost 3,900 MW of coal-fueled generation and expectations for further closures in the near future. The broad, widespread economic and social impacts on Tennessee’s people, their economy, industry, and productivity are frightening.

A short read of the report’s findings are that, as TVA drops coal from its generation fleet, the people of Tennessee will pay dearly.

  • 20% higher electricity rates
  • $7 billion reduction in gross state product
  • $700 million in lost state and local government tax revenues
  • $900 million drop in manufacturing output
  • Over 65,000 lost jobs by 2025 – with the automotive sector being hardest hit
Source MISI (

Source MISI (

Not surprisingly, the working poor, visible minority groups, and those on fixed-incomes are predicted to be “especially harmed” by the economic and social impacts of these short-sighted energy policy decisions.

Elected officials, social justice campaigners, unions, as well as community and poverty activists should view the findings of this report as a wake up call. It is one thing to attack coal when it is still providing cheap and reliable electricity, but as regulations begin to take their toll and generation plants close, electricity prices increase, people lose jobs, energy choices disappear; real people begin to suffer. It is clearly time to reject the attacks on affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean energy sources like coal. It is time to recognize the economic and social benefits associated with the tens of thousands of jobs and economic stability provided by coal.

It is time to recognize that those who are telling you that you must shut down coal to mitigate modeled environmental concerns in the future are actually taking away your jobs and taking food out of the mouths of your children today. They are stealing the medical insurance that your jobs provide, as well as necessary funds for education and infrastructure provided by taxes.

It is time to recognize that anti-coal activists are not helping you by stealing your opportunities, your careers, your choices, or by destabilizing your communities. It’s time for the people impacted by these harmful and regressive policies to stand up and say, “STOP”!

Download the full report from the Management Information Services, Inc. website

11. June 2015 by Jason Hayes
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